Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Missing You Poems For Boyfriend

7) You may be my ex-boyfriend

We may have had an ugly breakup

I may have called you nasty names

But my heart can never give you a snub

I may be your ex-girlfriend

We may have gone separate ways

You may be the guy I used to hate

But without doubt, I miss you on some days

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8) My world is not as fiery as red

My world is not as bright as yellow

My world is not as peaceful as white

It is somewhere in between, slightly mellow

My world is not as dark as black

My world is not as gloomy as blue

My world is not as peppy as pink

It is bland, missing a lovely hue

I miss you

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9) I don’t know what to write

Because I have nothing to say

But even then I am sending you

This poem today

Don’t confuse this with a rant

This is not a mindless outburst

I just want to talk to you

To quench my heart’s thirst

Don’t mistake this as my weakness

I don’t love you anymore

But still, your voice will soothe

My heartbreak, which is still a bit sore

I miss you

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